Metrics and Measurement of Triathlon

  • Swimming is one of the most difficult of all three triathlon disciplines to master and requires constant effort as it is a perishable skill. In the club we cater for all levels from beginner to intermediate and elite. We have regular coached sessions run by qualified instructors that include drill sessions each week to help you gauge your pace per 100 metres.
  • Cycling can often be an event that is hard to get right from a training point of view but rest assured we have many experienced cyclists who are always on hand to give advice and assistance. Find your pace and train with others who aspire to reach the same goals and learn to gauge your average speed over various elevations and distances.
  • Running is one of those disciplines that requires concentration. You need to have the ability to stay motivated towards the end of a triathlon event. Why not avail of our weekly coached running sessions and learn to measure your pace to complete you race with confidence. Learn to run in KM Mins or Min Miles!