I’ve been asked to write a report on the Setanta Duathlon Race #1 so here’s a view from the back of the pack 😉.  When I arrived at the Sportsman’s this morning I was delighted to see lots of people around.  The more the merrier and the better chance that it’s not only the very fast athletes participating, but that there’ll be a more mixed bunch and I won’t be running last with the Ambulance for company. (This has happened🙈). I always find there’s a nice atmosphere before the race and when I seen that Siobhan Ladd Greer and Rebecca Mc Kay had showed up I was feeling more relaxed.

It’s not long before the quick race briefing and then next thing we’re being told 1 minute to start.  3,2,1 and off we trot (literally) and I’ve learned to let everyone go (well there’s no chance of staying with them😳) and try to set a pace that we will be able to sustain for the next 90+ mins.  Today was great because we picked up a new friend Fiona Keogh who like us was just wanting to get to the end for the pure achievement of it all.  The 4 of us ladies decided we would stay together for the first run and so we did.  On the turn coming back into transition the first bikes are already heading past having almost completed their first lap.

Back in transition there’s only our bikes left so no problem finding them.  I hadn’t changed my pedals from the mountain bike pedals so my shoes are not easy to change but I’m looking forward to sitting on the bike and it’s downhill for the first part.  The wind was very strong heading south but not a feature on the way back up.  On the second lap of the bike I’m passing the runners who’ve just started their last run and I’m thinking “lucky f*****s”.  On the way back up the drag on the bike I’m thinking this is like having a baby!  You have to endure the pain for a bit before you get to feel the sense of achievement and you’re saying I’m never doing this again, then you get carried away and repeat the process.

Back in transition and it’s really full now! Full of athletes who’ve finished and are ready to go home 🙈.

Out I trot for round 2 of this bloody run and I’m tired!  Running the Fitzer 5K yesterday was not the best idea but it’s like the duathlons, they only happen once or twice each year and if you don’t participate then they’re over and you’ve missed out. As I’m running I see 3 guys in front and in my exhausted state I begin to believe that they too are on the 2nd run! Sadly within a few mins they turn back towards me and I realise they’re on the cool down run (which I’ve never been able to manage 😉).  At the half way stage Rebecca catches up and I’m totally busted.  We start picking out landmarks on the road to run to to keep motivated.  I tell Rebecca to run on but she insists we finish together and so we did.  Delighted to be done and dusted!! My hope is that someone like me will read this and realise that anyone can do these events.  You don’t need to be up at the front.  You just need to enter the local duathlons when they’re on as there are only a couple and the only pressure is the pressure you put on yourself!