Be prepared with the Setanta Kit List.

Training Kit List

SessionEssentialNice To Have/RecommendedOver Time
Pool SwimSwimsuitHat (latex)GogglesFor Drills – Flippers – Small, Hand Paddles/Pads, Pool Buoy,Shower GearBasic Water resistant watch that has stop watchWater/BottleKickboard (most pools have them)A watch with swim metrics for tracking workouts
Open Water SimNeoprene (cold) or Latex (warm) HatWet Suit (compulsory below certain water temp)GogglesUnder clothing – Swimsuit or Tri-SuitTowelCream for chaffingBasic Water resistant watchSafety Balloon (if not part of group)Let someone know your plans, swim with others where possible and weather/water conditions good.Post Swim Fluids, Food/Snack & TowelSliders/Flip FlopsGPS watch
CyclingHelmet (compulsory for racing)BikeGlovesLights front and backTrainers (toe clips/strap in to pedals)Comfortable Sport clothing (including inner layer in cold weather)Pockets for foodWater/BottleHigh Visible jacketWet Gear (again hi vis)Spare wheel tubes and kitLet someone know your plans.Cycle with others where possibleCycle only during daylightPumpRoad BikeCycling Specific Clothing Bottoms & TopCycling Shoes with cleat and clip-in pedalsClip-on Tri BarsWinter GlovesWinter Shoe CoversWinter Head/Face ScarfBike computer track time, distance, speed, cadence, HRTurbo machine for indoor sessionsHeart rate (HR) monitor strap or part of watchBike you use for racing closer to race timeSmart Turbo machineAccount with Virtual cycling service e.g. ZwiftPower meterAero type HelmetBook a “bike fit” session
RunningRunnersShorts & Top (or Tri Suit if weather and circumstance permits)High Visible gear if running in darkWinter – Hat and GlovesWatch with stopHeart rate monitor chest strap or part of watch.Watch with Run specific featuresRunning specific shoe brandsRunning Belt or pockets for foodHead Torch if running in darkSupport socks for running (if needed for feet)  

Racing Kit List

Race TypeEssentialNice To Have / RecommendedOver Time
SwimmingGoogles (and spare)Neoprene (cold) or Latex (warm) HatWet Suit (compulsory below certain water temp)Under clothing – Swimsuit or Tri-SuitCream for chaffingWater resistant watchTowelRace ChipRace NumberTri-SuitHeart rate (HR) monitor strap or part of watchEar PlugsWet Suit repair glueGPS watch
CyclingHelmet (compulsory)BikeGlovesTrainers (toe clips/strap in to pedals)Talcum powder in TrainersComfortable Sport clothing or Tri-SuitPockets/attachments on bike for fuellingWater/Bottles fixed to bikeSpare wheel tubes and kitPumpRace NumberRace ChipTri-Suit with Race Number afixed Cycling Shoes with cleat and clip-in pedalsClip-on Tri BarsElastic bands to attach shoes to bike for Transition take offBike computer track time, distance, speed, cadence, HRHeart rate (HR) monitor strap or part of watchAero type HelmitWater through suction tube
RunningRun shorts and topRace belt for RaceNumber and/or foodRunners & socks(longer races)Race ChipTalcum powder in runnersAppropriate headwear for weather conditionsTri-Suit with Race Number attachedQuick fasten/slip on/lock laces for runnersSun glasses if needed
International EventArrangement for bike (transport or carry case)Preparation time to explore route and climatise with local conditions.Travel documentation.
Other considerationsTapering in leadup to race day.Bike check pre raceBed and wakeup timingsAppropriate meals for night before and breakfastBag or box for transition rules permitting and towel.Bike and equipment rack up in Transition area (when/where). Race briefing and start line logistics and transition area makeup. Study of race course.Fuelling plan for Pre race , whilst in transitions, cycling and running. Practice during training sessions.Post race fluids, food for carbs and protein.Plan for use of water/food stationsTI Licence detailsRace registration detailsRace PlanToilet PlanPost Race AnalysisNo music/headphones. Above all, enjoy/soak in the experience. Race is the celebration of all the hard work!